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Precautions for shower hose use

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Today, to introduce you the precautions in the use of shower head hose:

The connection between the 1, bath head hose and the inlet pipe is connected to the valve body by a screw cap hose, and the problem is that the screw cap is easy to gradually loose, rust or even fall off over time.

2, pulls the hose most frequently during the bath, and is often large, causing breaks where the metal hose connects with the screw cap.What's more, the other end of the hose is connected to the flower sprinkler in the same way. If the owner is not operating properly, such as trying too hard, it is also easy to break.

3, we in the usual shower should make the metal hose to maintain a natural stretch state, after good use should insert the flower sprinkler head on the shelf, do not put the metal hose disk around the flower sprinkler faucet.

4, Usually when pulling the hose to prevent the hose and valve body joint place do not form a dead knot, must look carefully, pull the hose to be lighter, so that you can avoid the metal hose being broken or causing damage to the hose.